Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Full Depth Review

Samsung has released its new Note series Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and doesn’t disappoint by its performance. Samsung Note 5 is the Slimmest, Beautiful and upto the mark for the pricing. Though it could have been improved in some departments but that doesn’t bother much. Lets look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 full depth review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Full Depth Review

Quick Specs :






16MP & 5MP


3000 mAh


Single SIM

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Full Review :

Lets see a depth review of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by comparing its specifications, Price and performance of this device.

Pricing :

I feel Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price is too high to afford. There is not much excited about Note 5 except its stylish design to spend so much of money for it. Its Global price is 1000$.

Ratings : 3/5

Performance :

After testing  a lot, performance of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is very impressive. Note 5 is powered with 4GB RAM which handles everything smoothly. Note 5 is the slimmest and beautifully designed out of all the Note series. But on the other side there is no extra-ordinary features when compared Samsung Note 4. Samsung Note 5 feels slippery in hand as it has glass on its back too. I recommend back cover or flip cover if you are using Note 5 though it has gorilla glass.

S-Pen Features of Note 5 :

s-pen features samsung note 5

  • New S-pen clickable feature allows users just to click to take out the S-pen which is very good to see rather than before Note series.
  • You can write notes right away after taking out S-pen without unlocking the mobile. To enable this feature just turn on Screen off memo in S-pen settings and lock the device. A pop-up comes out whenever you takes out S-pen. Write any quick ideas and you can also take the screenshot of your note which is a great feature.
  • You can add shortcuts of Apps in S-pen air commands which is again a good feature.
  • You can capture the whole web page as image rather than taking multiple images. Just go to S-pen air commands while browsing, tap Screen Write and it just captures image of very little article. You can expand web page just by clicking on Scroll capture which is at the bottom of the web page. Now it scrolls the web page and captures the screen. If you want to expand more just click on capture more till you need.

Note : Do not insert S-pen backwards as it will get stuck inside.

Ratings : 4.5/5

Camera :

Samsung Note 5 camera performance is fantastic. Shutter speed, Clarity and details of the images comes out very good. Note 5 can record video upto 4k and image stabilization is very good. Overall camera performance is very impressive.

Rear Camera :

With huge 16 MP rear camera, object & Face focusing and Shutter speed is very fast. Pictures comes out with a lot of full details even in low lightning. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wins the hearts of the people with its camera performance.

Front Camera :

Every selfie lover will love Note 5 as it has 5 MP front facing camera. Video recorded with front facing camera also very impressive. Wide angles and picture clarity comes out is very impressive.

Ratings : 5/5

Gaming :

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 gaming performance is too good without any lag. With 4GB RAM and Exynos 7420 Chipset it handles every game smoothly and even the heavy games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5 & NOVA etc.

Ratings : 4.5/5

Battery :

Samsung is so blamed for Note series for its battery not lasting till very long. But this time Samsung Galaxy Note 5 wins our hearts with its battery performance. It has 3000 mAh battery and lasts till a full working day on heavy usage and on a normal usage it lasts for 1 and half day which is very good.

Ratings : 4/5

Storage :

Storage is a disappointment factor in Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as it does not support any SD card.Though it is available 32/64 GB models.

Ratings : 4/5

Overall Impressions :

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is overall an impressive smartphone with amazing performance and some new features of S-pen. But nothing exciting about Note 5 to buy it. Choice is yours.

Overall Ratings : 4/5

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