How to use print screen key in Windows PC

Welcome How to guide, today i will show you to print screen in full screen mode. Lot of the people doesn’t know how to use print screen key in keyboard in windows operating system. Whether it may be windows 7 or 10 this process will help you to get the work done.

Print screen key :

To use this key all you to do is follow this steps.

  • Hold Alt key and press Print screen key. Now technically you have copied full screen as an image.
  • For the users who have Fn(Function key) in keyboard, first hold Fn key and press on Print screen key. Then hold Alt key and press Print screen key. For some keyboards you have repeat this process every time if you want to print screen(i.e. by holding Fn key and pressing Print screen and then Alt+Print screen)
  • Now open Paint and use Ctrl+V keys to paste the image which you have printed.
  • Now go to File in Paint and click on Save as option and save in your preferred format in JPEG or PNG.

Hope this How to guide helped you to take screenshot in full screen mode and to use print screen key.





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