How to Recover Deleted Gmail Account

Have you accidently deleted your Gmail account or someone else have deleted your account ? You need not to worry, because this article will help you to recover deleted Gmail account. Just follow all the steps to recover your Gmail account.

Note :  Google says that, You can Recover your gmail or google account upto a limited time. Your Gmail Account should have been deleted recently. So hurry up and get back your account.

Steps to Recover Deleted Gmail Account :

There are three ways to recover your account from Google Recovery Assistance page. You can choose any way to recover Gmail account.

Step 1 :

For options 1) I don’t know my password & 3) I’m having other problems signing in, the procedure is same to recover your deleted gmail account. For first and third option , enter your email address and click continue.

Recover deleted gmail account


Enter the password if you remember it and click continue. If you don’t remember password just click on I don’t know.


Recover deleted gmail account


You will be asked to enter your mobile number which you have given while creating your Gmail account. Verification code will be sended to your mobile number, enter the code and create a new password. That’s it , You have recovered your deleted account.


Recover deleted gmail account

Step 2 :

Select 2) i don’t know my username and click continue.

Recover deleted gmail account

Enter either your recovery email address or recovery phone number and enter First and Last name of your account if you remember andClick Submit.

  • If you choose first option, enter the Recovery email address and log in to recovery email address to get the recovery link from google and click on the link to recover your gmail account.
  • If you choose second option, enter the phone number which you have provided while sign up and enter the verification code which you have received. After entering the code you will be asked enter new password and confirm the password. That’s it after confirming the password your Gmail account will be recovered.

Recover deleted gmail account

Hope this article helped you to recover deleted gmail account. Let us know in the comments section below.

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