How to Change Font Style in WordPress Theme

In today’s world there are lot of people who build their website or blogs using WordPress. Most of the people who likes a particular Theme ends up not liking the font style. But no need to worry, i will show you How to Change Font Style in WordPress Theme. There are plenty of Plugins in WordPress using which you can change font style.

Here are Simple Steps to Change Fonts or Font Style in WordPress Theme:

1. Install WP GOOGLE FONTS Plugin :

Go to Plugins and click on Add New. Type WP GOOGLE FONTS  in search and click on Install Now. WP GOOGLE FONTS is the best Plugin to change the Fonts easily in a minute. By using it you can set different Fonts to different elements.

Note : By Using this Plugin you can only use Google Fonts to your theme.

How to Change Font Style in WordPress Theme

2. Go to Google Fonts :

Click on Google Fonts which is present in the WordPress Menu.

Click on Google Fonts

3. Select the Font :

After clicking on Google Fonts, select the Fonts which you like or want to apply to your website.

select the Fonts

Select Font from Drop Down menu

select the Fonts

4. Select Font Style :

After selecting the font now select the Font Style. Select Normal 400 and select the Elements which you want to apply this font to. I recommend to select all the check boxes.

select the Font Style

5. Save your settings :

Select Latin as your character sets. After selecting the Font and the Font styles, click on Save All Fonts to apply the Font Style to all the theme. That’s it New Font has applied to your theme. Open your website to check the Fonts you saved.

Select Latin


By using WP GOOGLE FONTS you can select different Fonts and Font Styles to the different elements you want to assign Font to.

In this Tutorial i have used only one Font and Font style to all of the theme elements in Font 1 ex: For all body tags, paragraphs, Headings. But if you want to set different Fonts to different elements like for a paragraph different font or for an heading H1, H2, H3 etc different font, just Go to Font 2, Font 3, Font 4, Font 5, Font 6 select the Font and select the elements you want to use for and save the settings.

Hope this article helped you to change your desired Fonts and Font styles. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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