Godaddy Web Hosting Review Should You Choose it ?

Web Hosting is the main back bone of E-commerce Website or any Website you are building. If you have already a Domain and planning to build a website with amazing server speed and quick loading of website, I prefer you do not upgrade to Godaddy web hosting. Reason behind why i am not recommending Godaddy are my personal experiences with the Hosting.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

Is GoDaddy’s Web Hosting Good For WordPress ? :

My answer is a big NO. There will be slow loading of pages and the server speed you get will be incredibly slow. Updating Plugins or updates will take so much of time. You cannot even Backup your website data with Godaddy Hosting. Better choose a good hosting rather than Godaddy.

Website Loading Time is Full Slow :

GoDaddy’s Web Hosting is one of the worst hosting i have ever saw. Previously my Website hosting was on Godaddy and the server speed, Website loading time i was facing was crazy slow. Godaddy’s hosting cannot manage traffic even if 20 users open my website at once. I will show you the example, if 20 users who are trying to access my website will have to wait for 30 seconds or even more to load the page which is a big disappointment. Website loading time is one of the major factors to rank well in Google. Whats the use of the money we pay to Godaddy Hosting if our website is loading time is freaking late. If you want to do well in Google rankings then go for a good web hosting.

GoDaddy’s Customer Service is Pathetic :

Yes there is 24/7 customer support for the users which is a good thing but it is not an Toll Free number. With my personal experiences i found i didn’t faced a customer service worst than this. I have to wait for about 30minutes to 1 hour just to explain my problem with them. If the person who lifts the call doesn’t have any idea about my problem they will just swap calls to another customer care person. Like this they will make wait for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. I personally doesn’t recommend Godaddy’s products.

So Which Hosting To Go For :

After browsing the internet for which Hosting to go for, I finally consulted Saumya Majumder a great mastermind. He has said me about his hosting plans and made me sure that server speed and website loading time will be crazily fast. He will personally migrate all the data on his servers and will make sure everything works fine until the Website is on his servers. Now i am on’s Web hosting and my website loading time is super fast. I surely recommend’s hosting and his products. High quality is always delivered by him.

Hope this article helped you to whether to choose Godaddy’s Web Hosting or not. Do let us know in the comments section below.


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