8 Tips to Increase battery life on Android

Now a days Saving Battery life have become an hectic task for Android users. There are plenty of battery saving apps available in the play store but you have to optimize it for every hour to save the battery. Lot of people uses battery saver applications to get better battery life but today i will show you 8 Tips to increase battery life on Android without using any application.

Tips to Increase battery life on Android

Tips to save battery on Android phone :

1.Turn off Location :

Tips to Increase battery life on Android
Turning off Location will help you to increase battery on Android phone. If you are using Location services, then keep it in battery saving mode as it will save your battery when compared to High accuracy mode.

2.Turn off Cellular Data :

Tips to Increase battery life on Android
Turn off cellular Data if you don’t use often because it will increase battery on Android phone a lot. Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data by doing this you are saving a lot of battery as cellular data uses more battery than Wi-Fi.

3.Turn off Sounds :

Tips to Increase battery life on Android
Turning off the sounds like Shutter sound,Notifications, key press in keyboard will save battery life. Go into Settings then into Sounds and turn off sounds for Shutter sound or Screen lock sound,Dial pad touch tones, and also turn off the vibration on key press in Language & Input it will help to increase battery on android phone. Just Go in Language & Input settings , Uncheck Key-Tap Vibration and Key-Tap Sound.

4.Turn off Application Notifications :

Turn off Notifications for Apps and Games which are not necessary. It will save battery on Android phone as it runs in background. Go to Notification settings click or search for App Notifications and select the Games and Apps which you don’t want to see in the notification bar and block it.

5.Decrease Brightness & Screen off Lock Timer :

Tips to Increase battery life on Android
Adjust Brightness levels manually on your android phone which your comfortable with, as High Brightness levels will drain battery. Reduce the Screen Off Lock timer to 15 or 30 seconds it will increase battery life on Android phone.

6.Turn off Nfc :

Turn off NFC if you don’t use it, as it will save battery on Android phone.

7.Force Stop Apps :

Tips to Increase battery life on Android
Messenger Applications like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp , Line etc., drains battery very fast. If you don’t use very often Messenger Apps Just Go to Settings then into Apps , Select the Messenger App and Force Stop it. It will prevent messenger apps to run in background and will increase battery life. After Force stopping it you can open the Application and after finishing using the App you can again Force Stop it.

8.Turn off Email Sync settings :

Turning off Email sync settings if you do not want any mail notifications as it will help to save battery on Android phone.
• Go to settings
• Accounts
• Click on Your Account
• Turn Sync off , it saves battery
Hope this article helped you on how to save battery on Android phone.

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