Redmi Note 7 Pro Review Should You Buy it?

Here is the quick review of Redmi Note 7 Pro(4gb variant). so without wasting any time, let’s get started. Redmi note 7 pro(4gb variant) is priced at 14,000 rupees. It has

                                  redmi note 7 proredmi note 7 pro

Lets check out the Pros  :


  • Redmi note 7 pro has a Snapdragon 675 processor which is very good and great value to money for 14,000 rupees. Because of the snapdragon 675 it has no lags in daily day-to-day usage.
  • The screen quality of note 7 pro is good. It has a 6.3 inch HD plus IPS display.
  • Auto brightness sensor is very well implemented in this device. Screen is visible even in sun light.
  • It has all the sensors and doesn’t miss out on any sensor which is great.
  • It has IR blaster and Notification led light.
  • Battery life of the device is beyond the expectations. It easily longs for 2 days for a normal user and 1.5 days for a heavy user. The screen on time is around 8-10 hours.
  • There are no heating issues while using the device.
  • Gaming performance of the note 7 pro is excellent. No lags while playing any game.
  • Front facing camera of note 7 pro is very impressive. Takes very good shots. It has a 13 MP front facing camera.
  • 12 MP Rear facing camera of Note 7 pro is very good. Image detail and sharpness of the image is very impressive.
  • Audio quality from the speakers is very good. Its loud and clear. 
  • Charging time it takes to fully charge the device is 2 hours which is very good.


Lets check out the Cons  :


  • 48 MP Rare facing camera is useless in redmi note 7 pro. 12 MP is much better and useful in the device.
  • 48 MP images takes long time to capture the image and there is huge 8 second delay to process the image. Still after processing the image, the quality of the image is very bad when compared to 12 MP camera.
  • Ram Management is done not that great in redmi note 7 pro. It cannot handle more than 5 apps in the memory.
  • There are so many lags in the camera app which is very annoying thing. Camera app is so laggy that it freezes sometimes and you have to force stop it to use it again. Software update may fix this issue.
  • Earpiece volume is not that loud and you will struggle to hear the other person voice while attending the call.
  • Ads are so much annoying in the note 7 pro device. Though you can disable them up to an extent, but you can still see the Ads in inbuilt apps.
  • Redmi note 7 pro has Hybrid sim slot


Design : 8/10

Camera : 7/10

Performance : 8/10

Battery Life : 10/10

Overall Rating : 8.5/10

So Overall, Redmi Note 7 pro is good value to money device. There are lot of pros of this device and the cons can also be fixed with the software updates. 



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