Case study about Freeware, Shareware and Free (Trial)

Ever wondered what is the difference between Freeware, Shareware and Free(Trial) which almost all the companies and industries offer? Well I will guide you to the differences in this article. Freeware, Shareware and Free (Trial) are the marketing strategies which all the companies choose to promote their software and makes users to buy the product or software.

In earlier days computer software were shared and distributed among friends, colleagues and among relatives because there was no huge development of Internet and e­commerce. As Internet became popular, the use of Freeware, Shareware and Free (Trial) has also increased which was a huge boost to Software Industry. Let us go some more deep about Freeware, Shareware and Free (Trial).

Freeware, Shareware and Free (Trial)


Freeware is software that anyone can download from Internet for free of charge for lifetime. The Developers of Freeware do not charges any fees to use the software and the software will be free for unlimited amount of time. Although it is free of charge but you may be required to pay for some additional features. An example of such software is the downloadable gaming platform of the online casino, where you can also choose to play with real money too.


Shareware is software that is distributed on trial basis, which offers a limited amount of time (30 days) to use the software before charging for continued usage. Most Shareware is delivered free which can be downloaded through websites on Internet. Users can use the software and decide whether or not to buy the software. Some of the examples of Shareware are Adobe Photoshop and Kaspersky Antivirus software.

Free or Trial Software:

There is not much big difference between Trial Software and Shareware. Shareware is the old term which is updated by the term Trial Software which makes sense. Trial Software, the name itself states that you can use it for a limited amount of time before purchasing the Software. Example of Trial software is similar to Shareware.

Freeware vs Shareware vs Free or Trial Software

Freeware is software which is free to download and use it for unlimited amount of time. Shareware or Trial Software is software which is made free for a limited amount of time.

Hope you enjoyed the article and understood the differences between Shareware, Free (Trial), & Freeware.


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