How to Delete Facebook Account

Are you addicted to Popular Social Networking site Facebook and want to delete it permanently? Well this article will help you on how to delete Facebook account permanently. Deleting Facebook account is one of the toughest thing for anyone, because many people gets addicted to it and doen’t feel to get rid of it. You can delete Facebook very easily, just follow the steps below and get rid of Facebook permanently.

Steps on How to Delete Facebook Account :

1. Log-in, into your Facebook Account :

Log-in with with your Facebbok account you want to delete and open new tab in the browser.

2. Go To Facebook Delete Account Page :

After opening a new tab in the browser , go to Facebook Delete Account Page , Click on “Delete my Account”.

how to delete facebook accounthow to delete facebook account

3.Verify Security Check :

After confirming “Delete my Account”, Enter your password and verify the security check and click on “Ok”.

how to delete facebook accounthow to delete facebook account


After clicking on “Ok”, a POP-UP window appears saying “Your account has been deactivated and will be deleted after 14days “. That’s it, your Facebook account have been deleted successfully. Do not log in, into your Facebook account for 14 days to get deleted permanently.


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Cancelling of Request to Delete Facebook Account :

If you feel that you want your Facebook account back, You can Cancel your Request to delete your account just by logging in again and cancelling your request to delete account.

how to delete facebook accounthow to delete facebook account


Hope this tutorial helped you to delete your Facebook account permanently. Do let us know in comments section below.

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